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About AtlasPay

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About the Company

AtlasPay was founded to give merchants an honest and straightforward way to understand their payment processing and the variety of options in today's crowded payments space.  Today there are many decisions facing merchants:


  • Payment processing – Primary and Back Up Accounts

  • Payment Methods

  • Decline Salvage / Recurring Payments

  • International Processing

  • Multi-currency Acceptance

  • High Risk Processing

  • Fraud prevention tools

  • Charge-back Prevention and Management

  • CRM Options

  • Analytics / Reporting

Understanding which options are best for your company’s specific needs is a daunting task.  Enter AtlasPay. We help merchants find solutions they need to run their business. Whether you need to find a payment processor, add a back-up processor, find a CRM that works best, or simply need someone to help with an RFP or review best practices, AtlasPay can get you on the right path.


Having years of experience in the payment processing space, AtlasPay

is truly a merchant advocate.  We work for the merchant and are not tied to any one solution, giving a unique look at the problems you are trying to solve.  We work for you.

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Meet the Founder

With 25+ years of executive and sales leadership roles in a variety of verticals,  Scott has a well-rounded and experienced look on the way business gets done. He is a passionate advocate for the merchants and clients he serves while keeping a eye on their profitability.  He adheres to a simple business philosophy of creating a good deal for all parties. In this day & age, this important etiquette seems to be forgotten.


The past 14 years Scott has spent in ecommerce payments with four different acquirers/payment processors which has given Scott superior knowledge in payments, payment operations, international processing, payment methods, currencies, etc..  Some of the merchants he has helped over the years: Getty Images,, (now Rakuten), ShopNBC,, Constant Contact. Carbonite, and HSN.


Over the course of his career, his experience and approachability has given him the reputation as a well-respected and important payments expert. He was co-chair of the ERA Payment Processing Committee, and is continuously booked for consulting engagements, specifically for global payments, current trends, and future outlooks.


Fast forward to July 2018, Scott decided to part ways with processors only offering a single solution to merchants, and founded AtlasPay. A payments consulting / merchant advocate company that focuses precisely on the merchant needs and their business requirements. In today’s complex and ever-changing world of payments, there are many options and choices for merchants to choose from when finding a solution.  Having a 3rd party, payments expert like Scott looking to find appropriate and cost effective solutions (which may come from multiple vendors, not just one) immediately puts his clients at ease. Utilizing his extensive partnership network and industry contacts, Scott had been able to help and demystify payments for countless merchants.


Scott is considered a global payments expert with a passion on finding the right solutions for the merchants he serves.   


When Scott is not helping his clients, he is spending time doing what he does best – being a father and spending time with his 2 children, playing ice hockey and golf, and enjoying the outdoors. 

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