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High Risk Payment Processing

You have a viable business, solid financials, and sell products or services that your customers want. Yet since your business segment is considered “high risk” you have trouble finding or keeping a payment processing partner.  

AtlasPay’s wide partnership network can help minimize the effort and find the right processor. Plus, we can help secure access to a backup processor to keep your business up and running.

Working with Domestic and International Acquiring Banks, we help find solutions for:

  • Credit Card Processing

  • ACH/Check Solutions

  • Alternative Payment Solutions

  • Offshore Merchant Accounts

  • Multi-Currency Processing

  • Fraud Protection 



Just because some processors and regulators deem your business as high risk doesn’t mean that you should not get a fair solution.  In today’s risk-adverse environment, anyone dealing in the Hemp / CBD / Cannabis business is immediately declined or subject to unfair processing rates.   


AtlasPay’s partner network has a number of resources that will help. Our partners have deep roots in the CBD/Hemp/Cannabis marketplace and can help you set up and keep an account considered high risk:


  • Find a primary or backup processor

  • Provide in store / POS operation (dispensaries etc)

  • Give options for online and mobile payment sites

  • Introduce CBD friendly corp banking options, insurance, echecks


Schedule a call to discuss one or all of these options:

  • Dispensary Payment Solutions

  • Ecommerce /Online Merchant Accounts

  • eCheck Solutions

  • Alternative Payment Solutions

  • Fraud Protection 

  • And more

Are you in the CBD/Hemp/Cannabis Business?

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