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Merchant Accounts - Ecommerce

AtlasPay helps its merchants by offering a variety of options to help solve the very specific needs of their business. AtlasPay listens and understands your needs and recommends appropriate solutions aligned with your business, not only the options marketed by a particular vendor. We have over 40 relationships with processors - PSPs, PayFacs, POS providers, CRMs, Fraud Prevention Companies, and more.  


Here are a few of the capabilities that could benefit your business:

  • New Merchant Accounts

  • Back Up Merchants Accounts

  • ACH

  • Alternative Payments

  • International Processing

    • Local Payment Methods

    • Alternative Payment Methods

    • Multi-Currency Requirements

  • Cross Border Transactions

  • High Risk Processing

  • Recurring Payments

    • Decline Salvage

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Charge Back Prevention and Management

  • CRM

  • POS 

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