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POS/Small Business

Deciphering monthly payment processing statements to determine what you really pay borders on rocket science.  You signed a contract for a certain rate, but are you really getting that rate? What about all the add-on fees?  


AtlasPay can perform a detailed payment processing analysis to clearly show the actual rates you paying and if there is room for improvement. We will expose hidden fees that can be immediately eliminated. We also validate your total processing expense and present options to save additional money. If we find that you are overpaying - or if there is an opportunity to reduce your fees without having to spend money to do so - we’ll provide you with available options and help you to make the right choice for your business. And if our analysis determines that you are getting a fair rate – we let you know that too.

AtlasPay can also do a pro forma analysis benchmarking your current processors to others.  We know you are inundated with calls and emails promising to save you money on processing. If an offer sounds good, give us a shout. We’ll do some research to help you make an educated decision on whether it make sense to switch providers.


AtlasPay experts watch out for your bottom line. We offer a monthly analysis program to ensure you continue to get the best rates.

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